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1. Usuulul Fiqh
2. Fiqh Books:   Fiqh-as-Sunnah
2. Halal and Haram: 1. Machine Slaughtered Meat

1. Usuulul Fiqh

1. The Code of Scholars Notes from Al Magrib Click here (pdf)
2. The Evolution of Fiqh : Bilal Philips  Click here (pdf)

2. Books

1. Fiqh-e-Akbar  Download
2. Fiqh-us-Sunnah (pdf) :
Part 1 (At Taharah and As-Salah),  Download, 
Part 2 (Supererogatory Payer),  Download, 
Part 3 (Hajj and Umrah),  Download, 
Part 4 (Funerals and Dhikr)  Download, 
3. Imam Ahmad Ibn Humble's Treatise on Prayer  Download
4. Democracy in Islam  Download
5. Migration from the lands disbelief to..  Download
6. Fiqh Of Love: Notes on Marriage in Islam  Download
7. Islamic Law  Download
8. Sources of Islamic Law  Download

3. Halal and Haram (Fatwa)

1. Machine-slaughtered Meat  Please click here (htm)

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